At last! Nicky NoFace The Game App is here! Check out the video preview. Based on the novel Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters by Vimal Vaz, the game is available now on The App Store!
“When a wicked witch puts an evil spell on Nicky, guess what happens?
His eyes and ears, and his nose and mouth fly off his face! And now they’re running around with little arms and legs of their own!
Your mission is to help each one of them get past all the baddies and back onto Nicky’s face.
Reckon you can do it?”

A one-touch runner jumper, Nicky NoFace is crazy, nutty and the wackiest cartoon-style game ever! With two levels – Easy Peasy and Fast & Furious – Nicky NoFace is fun for all ages.

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A fantasy novel for children and adults – unlike anything you’ve ever read!


“This delightful children’s book has everything a budding or reluctant reader could wish for – a gripping plot, stuff to relate to, cool illustrations, realistic characters, dark stuff to overcome and a mixture of the mundane with surrealism and silliness.” LoveReading Review

“Nicky NoFace & the Face Critters: The Boy Who Lost his Senses” by Vimal Vaz is one of the most unique books I have read in a LONG time.”

“I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t love this book!” Amazon

“This was a fascinating, creative, and unique journey that made me smile.” Amazon

“Fantastically goofy, adventurous, and even tugs on the old heartstrings at times.” Amazon

With one blue eye, one brown eye and a partially deaf ear, twelve-year-old Nicholas Appleby is not only a prime target for bullies, but also for circus performers who want to take revenge on his dad, an animal rights campaigner responsible for closing down their wild animal acts. Nicky’s dad ends up in hospital and needs a bone marrow transplant from Nicky to survive, but the circus folk kidnap him and plan to turn into a freak. A magic spell is cast and Nicky’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth become separated from his face. But not just separated – they have arms and legs and can think for themselves. They end up running wild and free, unaware they are being hunted. Nicky needs to get to his dad, but without his senses he is helpless. Time is against him and somehow he has to get his senses to work together to save themselves and his father.

Nicky No Face and The Face Critters Book Cover

Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters is a magical fantasy novel – the story of a boy in the most incredible circumstances, who grapples with reality through senses that exist outside his body. It is about the power of a son’s love for his father.

Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters is available NOW! And you can find out more about the characters in the story by downloading two FREE eBooks below.
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