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“This is a fun book that is truly unique and different from anything that I have read with my son before. He loves action plots, so I figured that this would be a fun book for him to read. We are always looking for new and fun books to read together. My son absolutely loved this book. He really enjoyed the main character Nicky and said that he was able to connect to him. My son is 8 years old so this book was a perfect way to keep his attention tuned in on the story line. The illustrations in this book was just beautiful! We loved how colorful they were and how much fun we had looking at them. Would highly recommend this book anytime!!”

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A 5 Star Amazon Review For Nicky NoFace!

I’m pleased to share with you another nice review for my latest novel, Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters.

Unique and bizarre story with a touching message
By Christopher Gillon July 18, 2014

“Vimal Vaz serves up one of the most original and bizarre children’s stories that I’ve seen in years. Using precisely the right mix of silliness, a fun story, and a weird mix of characters in the form of sensory features that leap off the head and face of the young protagonist, Vaz constructs a magical fantasy that weaves together into an exciting climax and a touching conclusion.

Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters is the story of a boy using senses that are outside his body and seemingly beyond his control to ultimately realize the power of love. This was a fascinating, creative, and unique journey that made me smile.”

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Nicky NoFace gets 5 Stars!

Here’s a lovely review for Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters…


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon Review
Delightful Book
“This is an adorable book. I read it with my 9 year old daughter and we both loved it. It is so cute and the illustrations are awesome. The characters are funny and Nicky is great. We loved everything about it, the story line is fun and we shared a lot of giggles and laughs. It is well written and easy for children to understand. I am always looking for good books for her as well as authors who can make her eyes light up and I have found both. Vimal Vaz has an impressive imagination and a tender heart and I will be looking for more from this writer. I highly recommend this book to all parents; it is a great book for your kids.”

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Here’s a 5 star review on Amazon for Nicky No Face & The Face Critters! Nicky normal transp

“The illustrations in this book for young children (or slightly older children who are at the intermediate stage of learning to read on their own) are the first things that make this book a standout. They are of the caliber of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” and Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Moon.” They’re quirky, colorful and funny and both children and adults will find them enchanting. The story is charming, fantastic and filled with a band of kooky characters, including the hero, Nicky, a twelve-year-old boy with 2 different colored eyes and a slightly wonky ear. Nicky finds that his eyes, ears, nose…all of his senses…have been kidnapped by a band of malevolent circus performers bent on getting revenge against his father, who put them out of work. He can no longer control his ability to see, taste, or hear and if he doesn’t get his senses back by midnight, they will all shrivel up and die. In order to save his sick father, Nicky must find a way to gather the “face critters” back up and get them back where they belong: on his face.
In the end, this is a story of the love of a child for his father and the lengths that we will go to in order to aid the ones we love. I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t love this book!”

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Release Date Approaching!

Hi, the final touches to the novel are in progress right now and all being well Nicky NoFace & The Face Critters will be released within a couple of weeks! In the meantime download “Meet The Characters” and “Meet The Critters” to get to know Nicky’s world. A brand new adventure is about to begin…